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Magic Touch Review - GADGET

Post by : admin Hit : 26265 Date : 04-25-12 23:01:48

Ask Mimo and they’ll tell you that this is far from their first rodeo when it comes to USB LCD screens. In fact, we can’t remember another company that has been so pervasive in the space. And to add to their continuing dominance in the USB monitor space, the company just announced the Mimo Magic Touch.
At a glance, we’re looking at 10-inch touchscreen monitor that is connected and powered by USB. Pretty standard when you consider their previous offerings. But what makes this version different from the rest of the pact, is that it is capacitive. If you recall Mimo’s other iterations were touch resistive, which made then almost anything but touch friendly. In this version you should expect far greater accuracy and more importantly sensitivity; no more punching a whole in your monitor with your finger trying to navigate the web.
They say that the Mimo Magic Touch is four-point multi-touch, though you’ll need to be running Windows 7 or later – sorry Mac users. If the dock/stand isn’t your thing you can mount it on the wall using a VESA compatible mount or just hold it in your hands, provided you’re willing to deal with a USB cord draped across the room.
In the specs department we’re looking at a 1024 x 600 resolution with 200 nits of brightness and a 300:1 contrast ratio. Size wise, it’s less than 1-inch thick and weighs under 1lb. You know, just in case you plan on taking this thing on the road.
Price? For an additional $30, $330 to be exact, you can score the higher end model (yes, the lowered end version costs $300), which includes 2 additional USB ports for connecting other gadgets, though you’ll need to plug in the AC plug if you have plans to charge anything. The Mimo Magic Touch is available now.

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