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HDMI Capture Card / HCP-1080

Mimo Monitors HDMI Capture Card

This standalone HDMI Capture Card is sleek, small, and standardized. Easy to set up with non-proprietary connectors and cables, the small (41x110x200 mm) and easily transportable HDMI Capture USB is ideal for live streaming, conference rooms, video recording, and more. Created with high-end design in mind, the HDMI Capture Card requires no external power and eliminates visual clutter with no extraneous cords required.

The HDMI Capture Card has no drivers to install and leverages the capabilities already built into current software for a seamless experience. As the device is compatible with most third-party software, just plug and play in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome, with no guesswork needed and fully upgradable firmware.

Ensuring reliable video and streaming for a high quality and glitch-free experience, the HDMI Capture Card supports up to 1920x1080@60fps (1080p) up/down conversion of video without CPU interaction, optional MJPG compression and audio capture up to 48 KHz PCM. Includes a 3-year warranty.

New standalone HDMI 1.4a compatible Capture USB from Mimo Monitors is a superior solution for conference rooms, streaming, video recording and more.

  • Converts HDMI to standard PC webcam data. Converts video and audio from HDMI to USB Video Class (UVC) and USB Audio Class (UAC) data.
  • The sleek, design requires no external power and eliminates visual clutter with no extra cords required.
  • Simple to set up and standardized with no proprietary cables or connectors for a seamless experience.
  • Customize for your application with a plug-and-play solution—no driver downloads.
  • Audio capture up to 48 KHz PCM. Uses USB 2.0 for audio.
  • Integrated ISP (Image Signal Processing) engine supports most UVC defined image adjustments; Anti-flicker operation with multiple framerates supported


Specification TSP Model
Resolution 1920 x 1080 at 60fps (1080p)
Conversion Up/Down conversion of video
Audio Up to 48KHz PCM
Auto detection Input audio and video format
YVU Uncompressed video YVU (4:2:2) capture
Function Video and audio HDMI capture
Conversion to USB Video Class (UVC) and
USB Audio Class (UAC) data
ISP Integrated ISP (Image Signal Processing)
Warranty 3 year
Small size Dimensions 41(W) x 110(L) x 20(H) mm
Weight 47g
Low power Power Input USB Power

Easy to use

▶ No drivers to install
▶ Plug and play in Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Chrome
▶ Utilizes UVC and UAC standard

Compatible with most popular third-party software for streaming, recording, video conferencing, and more






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